Hate Crimes

Harming or terrifying vulnerable people

Hate motivated crimes are criminal offences directed against a person or a piece of property. They are frequently incited by a bias against the ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, mental or physical state or sexual orientation of the targeted person. Such crimes, if left unchecked, can lead to an escalation in social tensions.

People dealing with pychiatric issues are often victims of "disability hate crimes". These offences stem from a deep aminosity towards a person's disability, or presumed disability. Canadian courts, recognizing that these types of crimes further marginalize already vulnerable people, have the power to punish perpetrators with much stiffer sentences.

Recruitment of Hate Group Members

When searching for new members, Hate Groups:

  • Concentrate their recruiting efforts in high schools, either through brochures, music, the Internet or direct contact
  • Recognize that young people are more likely to accept racist ideology because they don't yet have the experience to refute lies being fed to them
  • Know that youth are easily impressed with rituals and ceremonies of hate groups e.g. hate music
  • Count on emotionally vulnerable or angry teens wanting to belong to a group, being easily indoctrinated by hate mongers, and being easily convinced to commit acts of violence to prove loyalties

If your child is hostile towards family members, plays racist rock music of groups such as Screwdriver or People Hater's Band, wears identifiable patches or clothing and buys hate propaganda, he or she could have been targeted by a Hate Group. Find out. Start a converstation with your child.